Shinoda Plasma: Flexible Transparent Plasma Displays

In April or May 2009, Shinoda Plasma will be bringing to market flexible and transparent plasma displays. The display will be 1 x 1 meters and with a 3 x 1 tile the resulting pixel format will be 960 x 360 or 320 x 360 each. The plasma display is made of three plasma glass tube array modules put together and weighs just 7.9lbs and consumes up to 600W or about 1/2 the amount consumed by an equally large typical PDP (plasma display panel). A glass tube measures just 1mm in diameter and is 1m (meter) long and is filled with a xenon-neon gas mixture. The Shinoda plasma display is super thin (1mm) but also tough. The obvious target of Shinoda’s flexible and transparent plasma displays is digital signage. Another interesting feature of Shinoda’s super plasma display is that the images are visible from both the front and back due to it being transparent. Shinoda Plasma was started by Tsutae Shinoda, who has been recognized as the father of the original PDP.

Imagine a 6 x 3 installation. That would amount to 1920 x 1080. Perfect 1080p. And HUGE: 6 meters by 3 meters. Now just tape it onto your wall and you’ve got a massive super-duper HD display! (Just make sure you can afford the electricity bill because that display will consume up to 2400W.)

Source: Semiconductor International

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