Wistron to Manufacture 2 Million Toshiba LCD TVs in 2009

Toshiba has been increasing the outsourcing of its LCD TV manufacturing. Wistron, an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) supplier and based in Taiwan, landed a deal with Toshiba to manufacture 2 million LCD TVs in 2009 for the Japanese firm. Compal, another ODM manufacturer, will be producing another 2 million for Toshiba in 2009. As manufacturing costs in Japan becomes very high relative to other places such as Taiwan and China, manufacturing jobs will continue to shift toward cheaper labor. But is this a good trend for consumers?

I don’t know if this is in fact true or not but I believe made in Japan stands for quality. I have had very good experiences with electronics that were made in Japan. They cost me a bit more but it was worth it because they stood the test of time. I still have my original Sony Walkman that works. Well, just the radio. It’s amazing that even the radio still works given that my dad was forced to give it to me back in 1985! If that Walkman was made in… Tanzania for instance, my guess is that the radio would have failed a long time ago. Just a guess.

Do I want to pay the same price for a Toshiba LCD TV that’s made in Taiwan? (Are they all made in Taiwan already?) If it was dirt cheap. Would I pay more for a Toshiba LCD TV that’s made in Japan? I think I would, but not too much. What I am trying to say is this: keep some manufacturing local because some consumers might actually want that.

Source: DigiTimes

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