Acer B223: 22″ LCD Monitor with DisplayLink

Acer B223 Specifications

  • Display: 22″ TFT LCD
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:10
  • Pixel Format: 1680×1050
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • Connectivity: DisplayLink
  • Adjustability: Height, Rotation, Swivel
  • Availability: Now in Europe
  • Price: €339

Electronista: On December 5, 2008, DisplayLink and Acer announced the B223, a 22″ LCD monitor that sports DisplayLink technology. DisplayLink allows LCD monitors to be connected via USB. Using DisplayLink’s DL-160 network display chip, you can connect up to six Acer B223 LCD monitors using a standard USB 2.0 connection. It is also plug-and-play meaning no tinkering around with the settings and wasting your valuable time. You get 32-bit true-color graphics and can run Windows Vista with the Aero interface. The B223 features a 1680×1050 pixel format and a decent response time of 5ms. Although the hefty price might be a turnoff think of it this way: if you’re thinking of running six LCD monitors that would require three graphics cards and that can get expensive let alone a pain to setup.

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