LG 37LG30: 37″ 720p LCD TV

LG 37LG30 Specifications

Display: 37″ TFT LCD
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Pixel Format: 1366 x 768
Contrast Ratio: 12000:1 (dynamic)
Response Time: 5ms
Brightness: 500 cd/m2
Viewing Angles: 178/178
Tuner: ATSC, NTSC, Clear QAM
Connectivity: HDMI 1.3 (3), RF, S-Video, VGA, RS-232c, Component (4), Composite (2)
36.2 x 24.0 x 3.5″ (w/o stand)
36.2 x 26.9 x 11.8″ (w/stand)
Weight: 29.3lbs (w/o stand), 35.7lbs (w/stand)
Price: MSRP US$949.95 ($699 at Amazon.com)

LG‘s 37LG30 is a 37″ 720p LCD TV sporting a 1366 x 768 pixel format. Pump in some good quality 720p HD content and out comes a very good quality picture from the 37″ LCD thanks to a 5ms response time and very wide viewing angles of 178/178. The 500 cd/m2 is really bright so you’ll most likely have to dial it down a bit when viewing in the dark. The ATSC and NTSC tuners got you covered now and post February next year. Also are three HDMI ports that should be enough for most users: cable box, gaming console and Blu-ray player or some other combination. Of course, I personally prefer the PlayStation 3 as it is both a cool gaming console and a Blu-ray player. Not that my wife would ever let me buy a PS3. The reviews at Amazon.com are very positive. There are only three reviews up there but all three have given the 37LG30 five out of five stars. Like all HD TVs, pumping in good quality HD signals are a must if you want good image quality out the other end. Also, if possible, calibrate the HD TV to meet the lighting conditions in your particular room.

Source: LG, Amazon.com

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