Samsung LN37A550: 37″ 1080p LCD TV

Samsung LN37A550 Specifications

Display: 37″ TFT LCD
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Pixel Format: 1920 x 1080
Contrast Ratio: 15000:1 (dynamic)
Viewing Angles: 178/178
Response Time: 5ms
Frequency: 60Hz
Connectivity: HDMI (3), Composite (2), S-Video, VGA, Component (2)
36.1 x 23.3 x 3.6″ (w/o stand)
36.1 x 25.6 x 11.8″ (w/stand)
Weight: 32.4lbs (w/o stand), 39.5lbs (w/stand)
Power Consumption: 190W (operational), <1W (standby)
Price: MSRP US$1099.99 ($869.99 at

Samsung‘s LN37A550 is a 37″ LCD TV that sports a pixel format of 1920 x 1080. That means you can pump 1080p HD content right into it, as well as 720p of course. The dynamic contrast ratio of 15,000:1 is high but specs for dynamic contrast means little unless the TV has a LED backlight allowing for local dimming. The LN37A550 doesn’t have either, but you’ll have to pay a bit more for those features. Viewing angles are excellent at 178/178 and the response time of 5ms is plenty fast.

Frequency is a standard 60Hz so there will be some motion blur. The picture used here is a bit misleading… well maybe not. If you have a static football that’s not moving the image will be fantastic! However if Peyton Manning (I have him on my fantasy football league!) throws that football you’ll actually see some motion blur. If you’re a sports fanatic you’ll want a TV with 120Hz. Check out LCD TVs with 120Hz by clicking on the link.

I’m glad to see three HDMI ports. I recommend getting a TV with three HDMI ports because: one for the cable box, one for the Blu-ray player and one for something else like the Roku Netflix player, Apple TV, etc.

On there are 59 reviews with 40 of them giving the LN37A550 five out of five stars. I haven’t read all of them but a lot of them tout an amazing picture. The MSRP is $1099.99 but is selling the Samsung 37″ 1080p LCD TV for just $869.99.

Source: Samsung

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