JVC LT-42P789: 42″ 1080p LCD TV

JVC LT-42P789: 42

The JVC LT-42P789 is an interesting LCD TV. First off, it has an iPod docking station. I think that’s pretty ingenious since a lot of folks have iPods (with a lot of audio, pictures and videos). JVC made a big hoopla over the company’s extremely low power consumption and stated that its “LCD models are the most efficient in their class”. For instance JVC is tied for most efficient TV in the 32″ class; swept the first four places in the 40″-42″ and 46″-47″ classes; swept the first three places in the 50″-52″ class. But the interesting thing is that JVC forgot to mention the exact models. So I went rummaging around the Energy Star website. Rummaging is not an exaggeration since the site seems to have been developed when 36″ TVs were the largest ones. And even when you order results by “On Mode Power”, the list bears no semblance to any order. But I did find several JVC models: LT-42EM59, LT-42P789, LT-42SL89VA, LT-42X579 and LT-42X899 were the ones that came up on the first screen (1 of 168). Of those I decided to focus on the LT-42P789. Power consumption analysis after the break.

On the Energy Star site, LT-42P789’s “On Mode Power” is rated at 111.1W with a “Standby Power Consumption” rated at 0.3W. The 111.1W is quite a bit lower than the competition. For instance, Philips’ 42PFL3403D/F7 (who decides on model numbers for Philips?) has a 151W On Mode Power rating while sipping 0.13W while in standby (here’s the Energy Star page for that). But. There is always a but. I don’t know about you but my TV is on standby most of the time. Our kids watch maybe 2-3 hours of TV per day (too much!) but the rest of the time it is on standby. So if I did a very simple calculation comparing the LT-42P789 and the 42PFL3403D/F7 (I want to slap the person who came up with these terrible model names!) here are the results. Actually, let’s add in a model each from Samsung (doesn’t have a 42″ model so LN40A330-135W/0.65W), Sharp (LC-42D65U-170W/0.4W) and Sony (KDL-42V4100158.06W/0.07W).


The graph above shows how much total wattage each of the LCD TVs consume when watching a certain number of hours. For instance, if you had the Sony KDL-42V4100 and watch 4 hours of TV and the rest of the day it stays in standby for 20 hours, the total wattage the KDL-42V4100 consumes is 633.64W, the second highest of the bunch. Interestingly Sharp’s LC-42D65U consumes the most (cyan color). The dark blue line represents JVC’s LT-42P789. It is pretty clear that the LT-42P789 has a distinct advantage over the four other 42″ models (Samsung’s LN40A330 being a 40″). The more you watch the bigger the savings! Of course if you don’t watch very much the savings are still there. Whether you watch a lot of TV or almost never, you will certainly get electricity savings from JVC’s LT-42P789. There are a few other 42″ JVC models with the exact same power consumption rating that I found on the Energy Star site and it might be worth your time to search through their database if power consumption is an important factor in your purchasing decision.

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