Debranded Refurbished HP w2408h: 24″ LCD Monitor for $199.99 at

HP w2408h Specifications

Display: 24″ TN TFT LCD
Aspect Ratio: 16:10
Pixel Format: 1920 x 1200
Contrast Ratio: 2000:1 (static), 3000:1 (dynamic)
Response Time: 5ms
Connectivity: VGA, HDMI with HDCP, USB Hub (3 USB 2.0 ports)
Adjustability: Pivot, Tilt, Height
Power Consumption: Energy Star
23.1 x 16.3 x 11.4″ (low position)
23.1 x 19.7 x 11.4″ (high position)
Mount: VESA 4-hole 100 x 100mm
Weight: 21.6lbs (9.8kg)


This is an interesting product offering. At the model number is stated as TS24W8H. The 24″ LCD monitor is debranded and refurbished. I don’t mind the refurbished part since whatever might have broken did break and the company fixed it for you. I have no idea why HP decided to debrand its w2408h 24″ LCD monitor. Do you happen to know why brands debrand? Please post your comments below.

The w2408h is sold at for $448.97. This deal gets you the same monitor for just $199.99 (plus taxes). It is an amazing deal as long as you’re comfortable with a refurbished debranded unit. I’m not sure how service works and I imagine it would be difficult to get service from HP. I think I have a possible solution: just tell them the logo fell off! I just ordered one and look forward to testing it against the other two that I have. More about the w2408h after the jump.

I have two of these that I did get from and they are great. They are tilted towards me so the lack of viewing angle does not bother me. The w2408h uses a TN (Twisted Nematic) TFT LCD. TN LCDs have really fast response times, slightly narrower viewing angles, and much cheaper prices. If you require high color fidelity at different angles from your monitor, this is not the one to get. Instead, look for LCD monitors that use either PVA (Patterned Vertical Alignment, mostly made by Samsung) or IPS (In-Plane Switching, mostly made by LG Display) LCD panels. The colors are really nice on this monitor. The response times are very fast. Although I’m not a gamer, the ocassional games that I do play (Counterstrike, Starcraft: I’m old school) looks great. Although the 2408h pivots into portrait mode, I would not recommend doing that with this monitor. Because of the limited viewing angles, color looks odd when in portrait mode. It might be just me but I would recommend testing it out before buying.


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