MacWorld 2009: Final MacWorld with Apple, No Steve Jobs

apple_logo_silverApple: I was planning to attend MacWorld 2009 and received the press pass a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping to salivate over the new 17″ MacBook Pro and some other cool but yet unknown products. But the email stated that I wouldn’t be getting into the keynote due to huge demand. Although it was tough thinking about not being able to see the cool products up close, I decided it wasn’t worth trekking all the way up to SF. No keynote, no MacWorld for me.

Well, that huge demand for the keynote might not be there anymore. Apple announced that MacWorld 2009 will be the company’s last MacWorld. MacWorld will go on, but without Apple. That in and of itself is bad news, especially for IDG, the guys who put up the conference. IDG has stated that MacWorld 2010 is a go, just without Apple.

But the really bad news is that Steve Jobs won’t be keynoting at MacWorld 2009. Instead, it will be Phil Schiller, Apple’s Senior VP of Worldwide Product Marketing. I don’t have anything against Phil Schiller, but he isn’t Steve Jobs. A Phil Schiller-led keynote at MacWorld… just doesn’t do it for me. The plan to watch the keynote the day after sounds like a definite green light. I really hope Steve Jobs continues to do smaller events near Cupertino. And I hope he’s healthy. When’s the next press event after MacWorld, Steve?

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