AU Optronics 46″ LCD TV Panel from G8.5 LCD Fab

AU Optronics (AUO) announced that it has successfully manufactured a 46″ LCD TV panel from its G8.5 TFT LCD fabrication plant. The G8.5 LCD fab is located at the Taichung Science Park and candle handle motherglass substrates with 2200 x 2500mm dimensions with a monthly input capacity of 40K. On a single G8.5 motherglass eight 46″ or six 52″ or six 55″ LCD panels can be cut. AUO is planning to commence mass production from its G8.5 LCD fab in Q3’09.

AUO’s G8.5 LCD fab is an interesting fab in that it also houses a G7.5 LCD fab. AUO calls it a hybrid fab. The G7.5 LCD fab can process 1950 x 2250mm motherglass sizes with a monthly input capacity of 60K. Eight 46″ LCD TV panels from a single motherglass will have a material impact on the large LCD TV market and will bring down the price of 46″ LCD TV panels. In all likelihood, AUO will opt to manufacture six 55″ LCD TV panels instead of 52″. By the second half of 2010 the standard size might have jumped from 40″-class to 50″-class LCD TVs. Considering that Vizio is planning to introduce a 55″ LCD TV for under $2000 next month, that scenario is very likely.

Source: DigiTimes

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