Large-Area TFT LCD Panel Shipments Plumment 24% M/M in November

According to WitsView, large-area TFT LCD panel shipments in November plunged 24% M/M and 26% Y/Y to just 25.83 million units. Demand for LCD goods are continuing to decrease due to the economic crisis that we are going through right now. 12.1″ and larger LCD panels geared for notebook PC applications declined 28% M/M to 7.86 million in November. Even though notebook PC sales have been relatively strong, the category on fire is netbooks that carry significantly smaller prices. LCD monitor panels also experienced a substantial decline: 23% M/M to 10.46 million in November. LCD panels for TV applications? Same story: down 19% M/M to 7.51 million units.

Area shipments for large-area TFT LCD panels were down 21% M/M and 30% Y/Y to 4.72 million m2 in November. This will have a major impact on all the LCD glass suppliers such as Corning, AGC (Asahi Glass Co.), NEG (Nippon Electric Glass) and NH Techno. LCD area shipments for LCD TV applications dropped 19% M/M to 2.92 million m2. With diminished demand for LCD glass there will be considerable pressure toward lower prices. I would not be surprised to hear massive drops in factory utilization rates for all LCD glass suppliers such as Corning.

Source: DigiTimes

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