Samsung Yepp P3: 3″ PMP

Samsung P3 Specifications

Display: 3″ Touch TFT LCD
Pixel Format: 480 x 272
Audio: MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC
Video: WMV9, MPEG-4, H.264
Other: Haptic feedback, FM Tuner, Voice Recorder
Battery: 30 hour (audio playback), 5 hours (video playback)
Colors: Black, Silver
Availability: January 2009, Korea
Price: KRW239,000 (4GB), KRW279,000 (8GB), KRW329,000 (16GB)


I like the industrial design of Samsung‘s P3 PMP (Portable Media Player). It is made of aluminum and is very thin. The thin and simply designed P3 sports a 3″ TFT LCD with a 480 x 272 pixel format. The LCD is not only touch capable but gives you haptic feedback via a little zing (thanks to small motors inside the P3). The P3 will be available in Korea next month but it won’t be cheap. With current exchange rates of KRW1324.35 per US$, the 4GB will cost a little over $180. It’s probably getting old comparing everything to something from Apple, but I gotta do it here: Apple’s iPod touch with 8GB is $229. That’s twice the amount of storage, sans haptic feedback, with the iTunes Music Store backing up the iPod touch for just $59 more. You also get the App Store for applications and games. It is really difficult to beat out the user interface of the iPod touch but Samsung did a pretty nifty job on the P3. Video after the jump.

Source: DAPReview via Engadget

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