TS Series Display TS-24W8h: Refurbished 24″ LCD Monitor

TS Series Display TS-24W8h Specifications

ts_24w8h_01An ordinary box. Not pretty. Not ugly.

I took delivery of my TS-24W8h or a debranded and recertified HP w2408h. It is a 24″ LCD monitor with a 1920 x 1200 pixel format. The TS-24W8h looks exactly like the HP’s w2408h but with a few differences. Before we get into the differences I was a little let down when I first opened up the box: the base of the monitor did not have any padding and my first thought was, “I hope the shock or vibration didn’t break the thing.” Thankfully it didn’t break or have any defects.

ts_24w8h_02I was worried because the base did not have any cushion.

Back to the differences. First of all, the TS-24W8h actually has a brand: TS Series Display. Upon opening I spotted a sticker of a globe in the position where the silver HP logo is on my branded w2408h monitors. Then there is a sticker that says “SVGA Monitor”. I don’t like using these cryptic acroynms but SVGA stands for Super Video Graphics Array that supports 800 x 600 pixels. The TS-24W8h does way more than that, try 1920 x 1200.

ts_24w8h_04Looks exactly like an HP w2408h, as expected.

ts_24w8h_05It’s an interesting logo: a globe.

ts_24w8h_06SVGA Color Display? Nope. The native pixel format is 1920 x 1200.

There are other notable differences: on the TS-24W8h the two icons on top of the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons aren’t there. The text ‘Auto’ on top of the ‘Select’ button isn’t there either. The ambient sensor on the TS-24W8h has a white ring while the w2408h is just black. There was one more difference that was a bit more difficult to spot. The black bezel on the TS-24W8h looked slightly less black next to the w2408h. These are all minor differences that do not make much of a difference on how the monitor performs.

ts_24w8h_10No icons or text above the bottons for the TS-24W8h.

ts_24w8h_11Icons and text for the HP w2408h.

ts_24w8h_08White outline on the ambient light sensor for the TS-24W8h.

ts_24w8h_09Not so on the w2408h.

ts_24w8h_07It is hard to tell but the TS-24W8h on the left has a slightly less black border than the w2408h on the right.

I can tell you the TS-24W8h performances just as well as the w2408h. I paid $199.99 plux tax (since I live in California) and is probably the best deal around for a 24″ LCD monitor. I do hope for my sake that this doesn’t require any service because if I do, I’ll need to call a special number: 866-447-6872. I got it hooked up to my Mac mini, matched up the pixel format and it looks beautiful!

ts_24w8h_12The TS-24W8h connected to my trusty little Mac mini. Yes, the mouse is ugly but it works and has been for many years. 🙂


It’s hard to tell the difference between the TS-24W8h (top) vs. the w2408h (bottom) in these pictures.
I couldn’t tell them apart by just looking at the display; I’m assuming they are using the same LCD panels.


When compared to the HP w2408h side-by-side I couldn’t tell any difference between the two in terms of picture quality. I hope you enjoyed getting to know this weird unbranded (but branded) recertified 24″ LCD monitor. I’ll say it again: it is one of the best buys out there if you’re okay with a nonbranded recertified model. The tilt, height and pivot adjustments are an added bonus to an already robust LCD monitor.

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