Adamo by Dell: MacBook Air Killer


NY Times: Adamo by Dell. What is Adamo? No one knows for sure but there is speculation that Adamo will be the sub-brand Dell will use for an ultra-thin notebook PC–a MacBook Air (MBA) killer. Dell’s VP of Consumer Sales and Marketing, Michael Tatelman stated, “I think we need to get some iconic products out there, so people associate Dell’s brand with other things. Namely, that’s goodbye to clunky, and hello to sleek.”

I welcome advancement. But let’s be really clear of what Adamo has to accomplish: it doesn’t have to be thinner than the MBA. It must be more powerful in terms of CPU capabilities, have more ports than the MBA (I don’t think this will be much of a problem), and be easy to upgrade the RAM and HDD. Finally, the battery must be replaceable. Other things I hope the Adamo has: built-in 3G, discrete low-power but powerful GPU, 4GB RAM standard, 64-bit OS standard, 128GB SSD standard, multitouch, convertible.

Update 2008.12.24 10:47AM PST: Dell’s Adamo seems like it will be sporting a 13.x” LCD. There is a cached Dell accessory site that shows a “45W AC ADAPTER FOR ADAMO THIRTEEN”. So Adamo Thirteen seems to suggest it’ll be a 13.x” notebook PC.

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