CES 2009: CompUSA Retail 2.0


CompUSA is currently launching a new hybrid of bricks & mortar and onling shopping the company is calling Retail 2.0. CompUSA recently launched its Retail 2.0 at its Miami Dadeland CompUSA store. The Miami Dadeland store has been completely revamped: all 300 displays are not connected for Internet access. Every computer display and every TV on display is a terminal-on-demand that provide additional product information for shoppers.

The customer simply tap on the keyboard and additional specifications about the product is displayed. I’ve seen similar offerings before at Fry’s but they are usually limited to a particular site. Not so with CompUSA’s Retail 2.0. You can freely browse the Internet, to anywhere you want. (I hope CompUSA installed decent hardware to filter out rated R sites.) When the 300 displays are idle unique content is running such as specials, ads, etc. CompUSA stated that there are more than 400,000 weekly visitors to the store. The distinction between online shopping and bricks & mortar shopping has just gotten a bit more murky. This is in a general response by consumers that shop at retail of salespeople who can’t seem to answer your questions. You want information? Just go to a display and get going. No need to wait for someone who doesn’t know much anyway. This is a major step by CompUSA and I think it’s a good one. I’ll still shop from the comforts of my home, but on the ocassion that I have to get to a store, something like CompUSA’s Retail 2.0 would really help get some shopping done.

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