CES 2009: Sony OLED Notebook PC…?

OLED-Info is guessing that Sony might be introducing a new notebook PC with an OLED display. Oh, that would be very cool. The OLED will probably be limited to about 13″ and sport a pixel format of 1280 x 800. This is based on the fact that Sony’s XEL-1, the first commercially available OLED TV, is just 11″ and is limited to a 960 x 540 pixel format. Of course the display portion of the notebook PC will be the thinnest anyone has ever seen but I’m not sure that the entire notebook PC will be the thinnest since all of the OLED electronics will need to be packed in somewhere. Have a look at the XEL-1 and you can see that the bottom portion of the display is rather porky and the reason is all the electronics needed to run the OLED display. Hopefully Sony, the masters of miniaturization, has shrunk the OLED electronics and maybe we can expect the thinnest notebook PC and the first OLED notebook PC on the planet!


Update 2008.12.24 10:51AM PST: There is a teaser site up at Sony Japan for a “VAIO New Mobile” device. If you look at the picture above you can see that the “New Mobile” device is a lot wider than you usually 16:10 or 16:10 notebook PC. If the LCD or OLED or something else is stretched from end to end, we’re looking at perhaps something with an aspect ratio of 2:1.

Source: OLED-Info, Sony Japan

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