LG Display Unveils Sunlight Illuminated LCD for Outdoor Use: 14.1″ Notebook PC LCD


On December 22, 2008, LG Display (LPL), one of the largest manufacturers of LCDs, announced the development of a 14.1″ LCD panel for notebook PC applications that is illuminated by sunlight instead of a backlight when used outdoors. The sunlight illuminated and energy efficient 14.1″ LCD will be showcased during next year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). LPL made use of its “Backlight Data Signal Switching Technology” that allows the user to push a button to switch from reflective mode (generally for use in bright ambient environments) to transmissive mode (use of backlight and in less bright ambient environments). Energy consumption drops to just one fourth when in reflective mode. Conventional notebook PC LCDs have a contrast ratio of about 2:1 to 3:1 when used outdoors. The new 14.1″ LCD from LPL sports a 9:1 contrast ratio so that should improve readability in outdoor situations.

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