Samsung NC20: 12.1″ Netbook


Crunchgear: Intel’s Atom out. VIA’s nano in. At least that’s the case for the Samsung NC series netbooks. The NC20, which is the NC10‘s (link to’s product page) big brother, will sport a VIA U225 CPU. The display grows from 10.6″ to 12.1″ and gets a 1280×800 pixel format.

The NC20 has a 1.3MP webcam but no specifications for the GPU. The other specs such as the 160GB (on the high side for a netbook), 1GB (2GB would have been better) is pretty standard. The 3.3lbs? Light but the larger MacBook Air has a 13.3″ LCD and weighs 3lbs. Samsung could have done a bit better and made it weigh less.

Now for the price: $650. Doesn’t sound too bad for a 12.1″, but we’re talking about a VIA CPU not an Intel Core 2 Duo. Knock off another $150.

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