CES 2009: CXC Motion Pro II Racing Simulator


CXC Simulations announced on December 22, 2008 that it will be joining Intel at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show to help promote Intel’s Core i7 CPU. There will be two Motion Pro II Racing Simulators that will be featured at CES. The simulators incorporate Core i7 CPUs and the base model includes a 46″ 1080p LCD, paddle shifters and is a full-motion system. The price? $26,000. Each simulator is configured to order and CXC offers comprehensive and continuing support. The Motion Pro II Racing Simulator feature “precise timing”, a full-motion system that is intense and accurate, “tactile transducers”, “force-feedback controls”, 5.1 surround sound and a “1080p high-definition video display”. You can choose from a myriad of cars including vintage, F1, GT, NASCAR, sports cars, off-road, open-wheel, rally, race boats, etc. There are more than 350 cars and 750 tracks to choose from. Take that Gran Turismo! (Of course, Gran Turismo can be had for considerably less.) If you want the ultimate, you’ll need to pay the price of entry ($25,000 in this case) and make sure not to eat right before saddling up on a Motion Pro II.

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