CES 2009: Sharp LCD TV with Integrated Blu-ray


According to Sharp, the company will be releasing two AQUOS LCD TVs with integrated Blu-ray players at the Consumer Electronics Show 2009. The duo will be commercially available right after CES. One will be 32″ and the other 42″. The 42″ LCD TV will feature a 1920 x 1080 pixel format and be able to show Blu-ray titles in their full glory.

One of the best features of an all-in-one design like this is that you don’t have to mess around with additional plugs whether they be HDMI, component or power supply. Although I am not a fan of designs that integrated a TV and a player (our extremely old Toshiba CRT TV with an integrated VHS player has a broken VHS player), I think the Blu-ray player will most likely last just as long as the TV. The 42″ LCD TV with integrate Blu-ray player is estimated to be around $2000.

Another component that I would like to see integrated well is the speaker system. Is it too much to ask for decent speakers on the LCD TVs? I think the time is right to cut all the extraneous cables and put the speakers and the Blu-ray player into a nice seamless design with an easy-to-use user interface.

Source: Wired

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