Sony P-Series: 8″ Ultrawide Netbook

Sony P-Series Specifications

Display: 8″ Wide TFT LCD with LED Backlight
Pixel Format: 1600 x 768
CPU: 1.33GHz Intel
HDD: Up to 60GB or 128GB SSD
OS: Vista (Home Premium or Home Basic)
Colors: Crimson Red, Champagne Gold, Black Silk


Note: The notebook PC image in the picture above is the TT, not the P-Series.

Sony‘s P-Series netbook will sport a 8″ wide TFT LCD with a LED backlight. The pixel format is an interesting 1600 x 768, more than the 2:1 aspect ratio that I was guessing it to be. Although you won’t quite get to put up two windows that is readable, at least you can put up things like IM windows and Skype. Another interesting thought would be that you could now watch DVDs without a whole lot of black bars. The anamorphic DVD titles with an aspect ratio that is wider than 2:1 should look really awesome on the P-Series. Maybe Sony is working on digital distribution of wider-than-16:9 HD movies. That would be cool.

And I was wrong in my guessing that it might sport an OLED display. Oh well, can’t get everything you wish for. Nonetheless, the ultrawide 8″ P-Series from Sony should be quite interesting. I do hope it will have some sort of touch capability on the LCD. Maybe if it was a convertible tablet PC it would be mighty interesting. The P-Series will probably be the very first 8″ portable device with a full-sized keyboard or very close to it. Of course the function keys will either not be there or be extremely small.

The 1.33GHz Intel CPU will most likely be a dual-core Atom. I sure hope Sony stayed away from the Core Solo CPU since it won’t pass muster with the folks that will using the P-Series to bang out blog posts! And, since the P-Series will be running Vista, it’ll need a bit more power to run it smoothly. Webcam: I hope so. How about a Carl Zeiss optics webcam with auto-focus, facial recognition, Xeon flash and 2MP? We’ll see what Sony has cooked up for us. I hope it’s yummy.

Source: SonyStyle via jkOnThRun via Engadget

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