Dell Adamo: DisplayPort, Blu-ray


Dell‘s Adamo will sport a DisplayPort connection. This is not that big of a deal since Dell has been pushing DisplayPort for a long while. I don’t know why we need to move to yet another “standard” for connecting displays, but Apple and Dell are on the DisplayPort bandwagon while the rest of the IT world is trying to create a globally merged connection standard via HDMI. Who knows who will win.

The Adamo will also have a Blu-ray drive: 2x DVD-RW/BD-ROM combo drive to be a bit more exact. Now this is good news. But hopefully Dell will follow this up with a LCD (or OLED?) that will be able to showcase ALL of the Blu-ray content. So, let me see a 1920 x 1080 LCD. 1920 x 1200 is good too.

Source: Dell (Google search: “adamo”) via Electronista via Engadget

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