Samsung 52″ LCD HDTVs One of Best-Selling Items at Amazon

Amazon announced its 14th record holiday season with 72.9 items ordered every second, a substantial increase from 62.5 last year. Orders peaked on December 15: 6.3 million items (up 17% Y/Y from December 10, 2007) were placed on Amazon’s checkout carts. Amazon also listed some of the best-selling items in 2008 and those include the Nintendo Wii, Razor scooters, Samsung 52″ LCD HDTVs, The Dark Knight DVD, and the Twilight Saga books by Stephanie Meyer.

I did a quick search for 52″ LCD TVs by Samsung (this isn’t an exhaustive list):

LN52A530 ( link): $1717.95, 52″, 1080p
LN52A550 ( link): $1574.00, 52″, 1080p
LN52A630 ( link): $1799.96, 52″, 1080p, 120Hz, ToC (Red)
LN52A650 ( link): $1863.70, 52″, 1080p, 120Hz,ToC (Red)
LN52A750 ( link): $1921.00, 52, 1080p, 120Hz, ToC (Red)
LN52A850 ( link): $2249.98, 52″, 1080p, 120Hz, Ultrathin, ToC (Red)
LN52A860 ( link): $2549.99, 52″, 1080p, 120Hz, Ultrathin, ToC (Blue)

Source: Washington Post

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