Sony VAIO P: Keyboard


Sony Japan has updated the VAIO P‘s teaser site with flashes of the keyboard and tracking nub. The keyboard looks to be the kind that you see on the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. There is some space on the top and bottom (all around?) of the keys that seems to suggest that they might be backlit. I can’t tell from these two pictures if there is a function key row, but hopefully there will be. There does not seem to be a track stick in the tracking hole.


With a wider-than 2:1 aspect ratio 8″ LCD, Sony’s P Series netbook should allow for a full-sized keyboard. I can’t wait to see a tiny netbook that is ultra-wide AND that allows me to actually touch type on a full-sized keyboard. Nice move Sony!

Source: Sony Japan via Pocketables via Engadget

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