MSI U115 Hybrid: 10.2″ Netbook with Hybrid SSD and HDD

MSI U115 Specifications

Display: 10.2″ Wide TFT LCD with LED Backlight
Pixel Format: 1024 x 600
Webcam: 1.3MP or 2.0MP
CPU: 1.60GHz Intel Atom Z530
RAM: 1GB (up to 2GB) DDR2 533MHz
Storage: 120GB/160GB 2.5″ SATA HDD, 8GB/16GB SSD
Connectivity: VGA, USB 2.0 (3), Mic-In, Headphone-Out, Ethernet, WiFi (BGN, BG), Bluetooth 2.0
Battery: 3-cell or 6-cell Lithium Ion
Dimensions: 260 x 180 x 19-31.5mm
Weight: About 1.0kg (with 3-cell battery)

MSI U115 Hybrid

MSI touts the U115 Hybrid as “the first notebook computer in the world that is capable of operating both SSD and HDD hard drives simultaneously.” The company’s Exclusive Hybrid Storage Technology or “ECO” mode makes use of the SSD for the system and in Windows you have the option of selecting the HDD for file storage. While in ECO mode the HDD is disconnected and all file I/O operations will be done with the SSD system. MSI doesn’t exactly state how long the battery will last on the U115 Hybrid but mentions “super long” a few times. The 10.2″ wide TFT LCD sports a LED backlight that should help in keeping the battery humming a while longer.

Source: MSI via PC Launches via Engadget

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