Audi R8 V10: High and Low Beam LED Headlights, Standard


Audi’s R8. There is not much more I can say to what has already been said about Audi’s R8 (with V8 power) supercar.

“The 2008 Audi R8’s unique mechanical layout, high-tech content, everyday drivability, and original style make it an intriquing exotic for those seeking more than just raw performance.” –Edmunds

“While the rear-engined German is faster than the R8, the visually malevolent Audi definitely possess the X factor needed to present a suitable alternative to the Daddy of All Daily Supercars.” –The Truth About Cars

“The 2009 Audi R8 was designed to be looked at as much as it was to be driven.” –The Car Connection

“This car’s a real game changer. Almost as fast and exotic looking as a Lamborghini, and as easy to live with as, well, an Audi.” –Motortrend

“…stunning styling, an intoxicating drivetrain and a chassis that’s as home on real roads as it is on the track. That’s the heart and soul of this car, and to my way of thinking, it’s a steal.” –Cars

But since I’m a guy that’s also interested in displays, I’ll talk about something other than the looks and performance of the R8. Audi will be unveiling the more powerful R8 with a V10 engine. The new V10 powered R8 will feature something that no other car has: headlights that are illuminated completed by LEDs–low beam, high beam, daytime running lights and indicators as standard equipment. FYI: As optional equipment, the 2009 Cadillac Escalade Platinum was the first. The R8 (with a V8) had an all-LED headlight option for $5600.

Why is Audi doing this? Well, it seems Audi wants to save energy: LEDs use 25% of the energy of conventional halogen lamps thus reducing the electrical load on the R8 V10, reducing fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions. Daytime running lights will become mandatory in the European Union in May 2011 (terrible) and the LEDs on the R8 V10 will be ready and reduce energy consumption. The LEDs can also make driving at night safer thanks to them being brighter. LEDs are also solid state.

Source: Autoblog Green

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