CES 2009: LG Display 27″ 120Hz LCD Monitor Panel

LG Display (LPL) will be showcasing a 27″ LCD monitor panel that feature a 120Hz frequency at CES 2009. This is the first LCD monitor panel that will inherit the doubled-frequency feature that we see in higher-end LCD TVs. The 27″ LCD monitor panel will likely get incorporated into LCD monitors that will be geared toward those who want to use it for work, videos and play. Most likely the 27″ LCD monitor panel will sport a 1920 x 1080 pixel format so fast-motion Blu-ray flicks look their best. Typical LCD monitors that have HDMI connections lacked the technical capabilities to display HD movies in all of their glory. The lack of 120Hz has been one glaring omission. Not any more. With 120Hz the 27″ LCD monitor panel should be capable of smooth motion blur-free video moving on a LCD monitor.

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