CES 2009: LG Display White Plus Technology

LG Display (LPL) will be unveiling its White Plus technology that reduces power consumption by 56% on its 32″ TFT LCD panel. The White Plus technology enhances the brightness by adding a white pixel to the RGB sub-pixels effectively making it RGBW. The Optimal Power Control (OPC) technology also improves (reduces) power consumption. We have seen this technology being incorporated into smaller LCDs for mobile phone displays but this is the first time that RGBW has been applied to a large LCD panel. The benefits of an additional white sub-pixel is that brightness is greatly enhanced without having to 1) increase the number of CCFLs (or LEDs) and/or 2) increase the brightness of each of the CCFLs in the backlight. I’m not sure if the pixel structure will be 4 x 1 or 2 x 2. The 2 x 2 RGBW format has been pioneered by Clairvoyante, which was subsequently purchased by Samsung.

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