CES 2009: Sony VAIO P Revealed, Sort Of


Sony‘s VAIO P is the company’s entrance into the netbook market but with a twist: it has an ultrawide 8″ TFT LCD that has a pixel format of 1600 x 768. I was expecting one sexy-looking machine but pictures of images on a screen at CES have surfaced and they don’t really look all that sexy to me. The LCD bezel is too thick. The webcam is on the right and not in the center. The plastic enclosure (or is it magnesium?) doesn’t look very nice. I think Apple has done a fabulous job of making the MacBook and Pros looks fantastic with the aluminum slab design. Sony should at least TRIED to do something similar and make it ultra-sexy. But they didn’t and went to the old TR series styling. I’m sure the real thing will look much better. I hope.

Source: Engadget

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