Eee Keyboard: A Complete Home Theatre PC


ASUS is on to something. The company’s Eee Keyboard is a case in point. Look at the picture and you can see that the keyboard looks pretty familiar. My guess is that ASUS lifted it from Apple‘s new MacBook line. Of course, the Eee Keyboard has a few extra buttons. But that’s not what is most interesting. The Eee Keyboard is not really just a keyboard. INSIDE the keyboard is a full-blown PC. On the back are many connections: VGA, FireWire, USB (2), Audio In/Out, ExpressCard slot and an Ethernet jack. Add to that a mini-portrait TFT LCD and you’ve got an interesting product. I’m not sure what the specifications are for the LCD but it looks to be about a 3.5″ LCD with a 480 x 800 pixel format. The calendar app that is showing looks very nice and reminds me of another Apple product. Similarities aside the Eee Keyboard is an interesting idea. I hope the innards are easily upgradeable and I’m sure there is a portable case that is in the works.

Source: Gizmodo

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