Eee PC T91: 8.9″ Touch Netbook

Eee PC T91 Specifications

Display: 8.9″ Touch TFT LCD with LED Backlight
CPU: Intel Atom Z520
Connectivity: GPS
Other: TV Tuner (option)
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home
Dimensions: 1″ thick
Weight: 2lbs


The Eee PC T91 is a touch-enabled netbook sporting a 8.9″ LCD. The netbook is convertible meaning you can use it as a tablet or a typical netbook. There isn’t much information regarding the T91 but it will feature Intel’s Atom CPU, have the option of GPS, weigh just 2lbs and run Windows XP Home. Hopefully it won’t be as expensive some other ultraportable convertibles out there.

Here’s a photo of the Eee PC T91:


Source: Gizmodo

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