CES 2009: LG 15″ OLED TV Coming This Summer


Update 2009.01.11 10:40PM PST: The 15″ OLED TV prototype that was showcased during CES 2009 was mighty impressive. When asked about the pixel format I was simply told, “720p”. We all know that’s not a pixel format but I did find out that it is 1366 x 768, much higher than the 960 x 540 pixel format from Sony‘s XEL-1. So the 15″ OLED TV from LG will be the world’s first HD-capable OLED TV if commercialized. I received several different answers when I asked about commercial availability but the consensus seems that it will be some time in 2009. The OLED panel comes from LG Display‘s (LPL) Fab 1. According to sources, LPL is fully ready to support the production of the 15″ OLED TV and is waiting on LG Electronic’s green light to commence volume production. The 15″ OLED TV was ultra-thin at around 0.85mm (or was it 0.88mm, either way it was super thin!), which is thinner than Sony’s XEL-1, and about the thickness of a thick sheet of paper. It was very impressive! I hope LG Electronics decides to commercialize its 15″ OLED TV because I personally think however many they manufacture will completely sell out.

Original Post: LG showcased a near-productioin prototype 15″ OLED TV at CES 2009. LG states that the 15″ OLED TV will go into production in the summer of 2009. The 15″ bests Sony‘s XEL-1 11″ OLED TV by 4″, which is a lot considering that scaling OLED to larger sizes is a very difficult process. Engadget took at look and exclaimed, “… the image is absolutely stunning — every bit as impressive as the Sony’s XEL-1.” LG’s 15″ OLED TV prototype is just 0.8mm thick. The bezel around the OLED display seems to be quite thin as well. With an image or video that has a black background the entire display (including the bezel) looks like it one seemless ultrathin display!

Another thing I noticed while looking at the pictures from Engadget is that on some there is an image on the bottom right stating that it is Full HD and that would mean that it sports a 1920 x 1080 pixel format! If that is true, the LG 15″ OLED TV prototype beats the XEL-1 in the pixels game by a huge margin. FYI, the XEL-1 is not even HD at just 960 x 540.

Source: Engadget

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