CES 2009: Dell Adamo, In White and Black


Dell‘s Adamo, a sub-brand like Inspiron, has been garnering quite a bit of interest. Up until just a few days ago, nobody had any idea what it looked like. Dell was showing off its Adamo gear at the Fantasy Suites, Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. Well, we have here a picture of a white Adamo. There’s also a black one (after the jump). Most of the ports are on the back: Ethernet, USB (2), HDMI, one port I can’t identify and then the power connection. The Adamo is THINNER than Apple‘s ultra-thin MacBook Air.

The pictures are courtesy of bub.blicio.us and Brian Solis has kindly uploaded a bunch of pictures up on Flickr. I like the minimalist design, the backlit keyboard (but not the additional keys on the right) and that the right side of the Adamo is clear (except for little connector). But I don’t think it was the best idea to have a cheap-looking thing light up right in the middle. Quite cheesy. Make the Dell logo light up, but barely instead.


Source: bub.blicio.us

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