CES 2009: LG 15″ OLED TV Prototype

LG 15″ OLED TV Prototype Specifications

Display: 15″ Wide OLED
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Pixel Format: 1366 x 768
Frequency: 120Hz
Dimensions: 0.85mm thick 

LG showcased its 15″ OLED TV prototype during CES 2009. The most stunning feature about the 15″ OLED TV was how thin it was: just 0.85mm. That is extremely thin. Have a look at the video above to see for yourself how thin that looks. The pixel format of 1366 x 768 is quite high considering that Sony‘s XEL-1 at 11″ sports just 960 x 540. If LG decides to make this commercially available it would be the first HD OLED TV and the world’s largest that you can actually buy. Also bear in mind that LG’s prototype is running at 120Hz, double that of Sony’s.

When asked about commercial production of the 15″ OLED TV, I received different answers from different people. A LG representative on the show floor said that summer of 2009 would be around the time when the 15″ OLED TV could enter mass production. Another said it could be available some time in 2009 and that there is the possibility that it could be in 2010. I also spoke with others that said the OLED panel is ready for mass production and is waiting for LG Electronics to give it the green light.

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