Top 40″-49″ 1080p LCD TVs for Under $1000 at

Money is tight and we are all looking to maximize every dollar we spend. If you are looking to purchase a LCD TV soon and have a budget of $1000, here is a list of highly reviewed LCD TVs with the following requirements at

Display Technology: LCD
Size: 40″ – 49″
Pixel Format: 1920 x 1080
Average Customer Review: 4 stars and up
Price: Less than or equal to $1000

There were other models listed but they were either used or refurbished. The following is a list of new models only:

LN40A550: $916.18 – A newer model for less; I call it a bargain.
LN40A530: $999.97

BRAVIA KDL-40S4100: $927.97
BRAVIA KDL-40V4100: $999.99 – ATSC tuner, newer BRAVIA engine.

AQUOS LC-42D65U: $899.98
AQUOS LC-42D85U: $999.98
AQUOS LC-46D65U: $999.98 – This is a 46″ LCD TV and is the largest on this list!
AQUOS LC-42D64U: $999.00
AQUOS LC-42SB45U:  $877.92

JVC, LG, Magnavox, Philips, ProScan, Sceptre, Toshiba, Vizio and Westinghouse Digital models after the break.

JVC LT-42X579: $989.72

LG 42LG50: $849.99

Magnavox 42MF4388/F7: $961.99

42PFL3603D/F7: $985.04
42PFL5603D/F7: $962.40

ProScan 42LA45H: $749.97 – The cheapest on this list.

Sceptre X42BV-FULLHD: $799.99

REGZA 42RV535U: $869.99
REGZA 40RV525U: $799.99 

Vizio VO42L: $879.99

Westinghouse Digital VK-40F580D: $849.99 – This one has a built-in DVD player.

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