Novo Minoru 3D Webcam

Novo Minoru 3D Webcam Specifications

Camera: 2x 640 x 480 CMOS Sensor
Lens: 2x Wide Angle Lens
Microphone: Built-in
Video Capture: 800 x 600 (interpolated?) ,640 x 480, 352 x 288, 320 x 240 up to 30fps.
Output Modes: 3D Optimized Anaglyph, Picture in Picture, Standard 2D
Price: $89.95 at


I received Novo‘s Minoru 3D Webcam yesterday and was quite excited. The word “minoru” stands for reality in Japanese and you’ll see why the folks at Novo decided to give this webcam that name. The Minoru 3D webcam is no normal webcam: it has two cameras. The two CMOS sensors are what makes the Minoru 3D capable of capturing 3D video. And the two cameras are what makes the Minoru 3D look like a little cute alien character too. The 3D webcam comes in red. The 3D effects are quite good and brings you a bit closer to what your eyes see in reality: 3D. More pictures and 3D videos after the jump.




The CMOS sensors have a native pixel format of 640 x 480 and the quality is quite good. When the Minoru 3D is capturing in 3D mode, both the “eyes” are turned on (see second picture) and when it is in 2D mode just the left eye is turned on. Quite cute and intuitive.

I did a video review of the Minoru 3D webcam late last night. The lighting wasn’t very good and neither was the video quality. The installation was generally smooth but did experience a little hiccup when I tried to connect the Minoru 3D via my HP w2408h‘s USB hub. The setup program would keep telling me (a screen capture is below):

No find match device, please insert camera first! After insert camera, press “yes” to continue Or press “no” to exit Setup.

After trying the other USB connections, I decided to connect the Minoru 3D directly to the computer. Bingo! The installation kept going and finished without any further troubles. So make sure you have a USB 2.0 connection direct from the PC. Different USB hubs might work, just not on my w2408h monitor.


Today, after turning on my Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit system, I tried the Minoru 3D webcam again. The quality was “night and day”! It was a lot better than last night. So I did another follow-up review.

But as I was writing the specifications to the Minoru 3D webcam I realized (duh!) that the two cameras have a native pixel format of 640 x 480 (or VGA) so I decided to make another follow-up recording at that level: the video as well as the 3D effects are MUCH better. So here’s the third and final review, but in much better video and 3D quality.

Through trial and error (and a reboot) I have found the Minoru 3D webcam to be a incredibly nifty little product that lets you record video in 3D. The Minoru 3D itself is quite cute and with the three legs it can be put on the desk or on a monitor. If you want to experiment with 3D the Minoru 3D webcam can get you started for just $89.95 at

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