Amazon Media Event on February 9, 2009: Kindle 2.0


Amazon will be hosting a media event on February 9, 2009 at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York City, New York. It is not certain that Amazon will be introducing a new updated Kindle 2.0 e-book reader but many are betting that the company will.

One of Kindle’s biggest competition comes from Sony. Sony has its PRS-505 that feature a much sexier external body but a less-than-perfect experience when purchasing books: you’ll need to connect it to your PC to transfer the purchased books to the PRS-505. The price is just $269.00 at, undercutting the Kindle by about $90.

The current Kindle was launched in November 2007 and sports a 6″ display with a pixel format of 600 x 800 (portrait). What makes the Kindle and other e-book readers special is the display. The display is based on a display technology categorized as Electronic Paper Display or EPD. EPD technology allows for text or images to be displayed without requiring power and only consume power when the display is updated such as when you flip a page. Possible picture of the Kindle 2.0 after the jump.

Kindle 1.0 doesn’t really have the looks of a superstar. In fact it is downright ugly with an asymmetrical body, weird (but somewhat ergonomic) keyboard, lots of plastic, etc. But as well as an Oprah endoresement helped the current Kindle sell quite well and frequently making it one of the best-selling consumer electronics devices on Instant gratification is the name of the game: The built-in EV-DO connection allows the user to simply purchase a book and have it start downloading immediately, a feature that no other e-book reader has so far.


For quite some time the current Kindle has been sold out on Is the demand so high that supply can’t catch up? Or is the supply deliberately being dwindled down to prepare the supply chain for a brand new Kindle 2.0? Many are expecting Kindle 2.0 to be at least a lot prettier, slimmer, have a much better display and come in at much lower than the current price of $359.00. Originally, the price was a rather-high $399. A price of $199.00 for Kindle 2.0 would be a fantastic price. The picture above (courtesy BGR) shows what could be the next version of Kindle. The back of this device is covered in aluminum (or what looks like aluminum) and the entire device is a bit larger than the current Kindle. We’ll see what happens in a couple of weeks. I hope the new Kindle 2.0 is even better than these pictures that have surfaced.

Source: Wired

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