LG Display (LPL) Form Strategic Alliance with Cree as LED Chip Supplier


LG Display (LPL), one of the largest supplier of TFT LCDs announced on January 28, 2009 that the company formed a strategic alliance with Cree, a US-based LED (light emitting diode) chip manufacturer. Under the supply agreement Cree will supply LED chips to be used in the LED backlights used in LPL LCD panels. The picture above is LPL’s Paju LCD cluster. Paju is located about one hour north of Seoul in South Korea.

LPL is also planning to internalize LED related technologies such as LED packaging and LED backlight production for notebook PC LCD panels. At some point in time LPL will incorporate LED backlights to 50% of its total LCD panel output geared for notebook PCs according to Executive VP and Head of IT Business Unit at LPL, Sang Beom Han. Of course, LED backlights are not limited to notebook PCs but can be incorporated into LCD monitors and LCD TVs. One of the highlights of CES in LCD TVs was the use of LED backlights to make it super-thin and energy efficient.

In related news, LPL began production of the world’s first 17.1″ RGB LED notebook LCD with a color gamut of 105% NTSC. Too bad the one in Apple‘s 17″ MacBook Pro has a color gamut of just 72% NTSC.

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