New York City Information Center: Multitouch and Video Wall


The New York City Information Center is located at 53rd Street and 7th Avenue and is where locals and visitors can come browse New York City via multitouch interactive tables powered by Google Maps, Travelocity, Time Out New York, Paper, the New York Observer and Greenopia. There is also a new website called The multitouch interactive tables look like Microsoft’s Surface but they were custom-made and designed by WXY Architecture and Urban Design Local Projects for the NYC Information Center. More information (picture, video) after the jump.


At the NYC Information Center, you use a “You are here” coaster and you place it on one of several placeholders on the screen. I’m not sure how it works but once “things” are saved into the coaster you take it over to a huge video wall (image courtesy WXY Architecture) that is composed of 4 x 4 smaller displays to watch a virtual tour: very neat. 

You can find a bit more technical information from The Official Google Blog: the map tables are powered by Google Maps API for Flash that lets you “navigate venues and attractions as well as create personalized itineraries, which can be printed, emailed or sent to mobile devices.”

Source: New York City via CNET via Engadget

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