Philips Cinema 21:9 56″ LCD TV on Video

Philips Cinema 21:9 Specifications

Philips might have something special in its Cinema 21:9. It is a 56″ LCD TV but with an aspect ratio of 21:9. What’s so special about that? If you enjoy watching film, most of them are not 16:9 but wider. Sure, most are not 21:9 either but you get closer to the wider aspect ratio of film than 16:9. Philips unveiled its Cinema 21:9 in London and Pocket-lint has a video of the Cinema 21:9. Here are some additional specifications that have been found:

Connectivity: HDMI (5)
Availability: Spring 2009
Pricing: £3,000 (about US$4260)

At the very high-end where videophiles who are into film will welcome the Cinema 21:9. Is this a niche product? Absolutely, for now. Will this become a more mainstream product in the future? Probably, but at the high-end of the market. Will wider than 16:9 enter the LCD monitor and notebook PC markets? LCD products that are geared toward showing wider than 16:9 film content will move to this format.


Update 2009.01.29 10:39PM PST: crave just uploaded a bunch of pictures from the London unveiling. I take it the press was served Loseley Madagascan Vanilla ice cream. Sounds yummy. You can see how very wide the Cinema 21:9 is compared to a regular 16:9 LCD TV.

Source: Pocket-lint via Engadget

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