Panasonic Viera Z Series TH-P54Z1: 54″ Plasma TV

Panasonic Viera Z Series TH-P54Z1 Specifications

Display: 54″ Neo Plasma Display Panel (PDP)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Pixel Format: 1920 x 1080
Contrast Ratio: 40,000:1
Dimensions: 24.7mm (0.97″)


Panasonic unveiled a lot of flat panel TVs and Akihabara News has the pictures. Panasonic’s Viera Z Series is the top-of-the-line with three sizes: 46″ (TH-P46Z1), 50″ (TH-P50Z1) and 54″ (TH-P54Z1). Both the 50″ and 54″ Z models feature the ultra-thin design that has a thickness of just 24.7mm or 0.97″. Panasonic’s new Neo Plasma Display Panel (PDP) powers all three sizes. The Neo PDP has a higher luminous efficacy that yields the same level of brightness but consumes just 50% of traditional PDPs. Contrast ratio is a solid 40,000:1 and of course the Z series plasma TVs are 1080p capable. The tuner is external to the main display and is wirelessly connected using WirelessHD technology. WirelessHD can wirelessly transmit “an uncompressed 1080p A/V stream with a high quality of service (QoS) within a room at a distance of ten meters.” This way you can hide the external tuner and connections box; it is also easier to connect all the wires.

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