Samsung and UniPixel Enter TMOS Joint Development Agreement

On February 2, 2009, Samsung Electronics and UniPixel announced the signing of a Joint Development Agreement to collaborate on advancing the development of UniPixel’s TMOS (Time Multiplexed Optical Shutter) display technology. TMOS display technology can offer a potential savings of 60% of the bill of materials in manufacturing LCDs, power consumption can be lowered and brightness can be improved.

UniPixel has a slogan that states, “Instead of blending color in space, Uni-Pixel blends color in time.” The company also claims, “Compared to LED, LCD and plasma screens, our technology is simply superior.” Samsung clearly seems to think there is something to investigate with this joint development agreement with UniPixel. Check out the Flash video. If everything goes right and Samsung incorporates TMOS technology, expect Samsung’s LCD goods to feature even lower power consumption, higher brightness, and lower prices in the future.

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