Toshiba TG01: 4.1″ 800 x 480 Touch Snapdragon Smartphone

Toshiba TG01 Specifications

Display: 4.1″ TFT LCD with Resisitive Touch
Pixel Format: 800 x 480 (landscape)
Memory: 512MB
Connectivity: HSDPA, GPS, WiFi
Storage: microSD
Video: DivX
OS: Windows Mobile 6.1 (custom 3D GUI)
Other: Flash
Dimensions: 9.9mm thick 


Toshiba is promising to “revolutionise the mobile entertainment world” with its TG01 smartphone. I already thought Apple did that with the iPhone 3G. Maybe another revolution is at hand. The 4.1″ TFT LCD is a good start; it’s 0.6″ larger than what’s in the iPhone. It sports a 800 x 480 pixel format that is much more than the iPhone’s puny 480 x 320. The 9.9mm-thick device is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset running at 1GHz and the company claims the TG01 is faster than any other smartphone on the market. Specification-wise the TG01 has a lot going for it but will it be a better mobile entertainment device that the exceptionally-well integrated iPhone? More pictures and a video after the break.

A virtual trackpad is used to interact with the device. Eschewing an accelerometer, which I think is a mistake, Toshiba instead is using what’s called a G-sensor that allows you to tilt the phone around a central spot. The TG01 comes with a paltry 512MB of memory but you can upgrade that to a lot more with a microSD slot. The OS is Windows Mobile 6.1 but you wouldn’t know by looking at the pictures: Toshiba created a custom 3D GUI for the TG01–a good thing since Mobile 6.1 is quite the ugly. Flash is fully supported, a big thumbs up, that lets you watch Internet-based video. The iPhone is lacking any support for Flash, by the way.


The TG01 looks very sleek and sexy. The BlackBerry in comparison looks like a smartphone from decades ago. Since the TG01 is thinner than the iPhone 3G and has a larger LCD, I think the TG01 comes out ahead when it comes to the external design.


The UI looks nifty but I wonder how you’ll be able to finger-click on those microscopic dates in the calendar. The icons below ‘Web’ and ‘Mail’ look positively terrible. Toshiba could learn a thing from Apple, and a lot of the iPhone App developers too, when it comes to icon design.


The virtual QWERTY keyboard looks a bit odd: the question mark, comma, period are all very far from where they should be. The direction buttons look a bit odd but it might work better than the magnified finger cursor thingy the iPhone uses. Just looking at a small portion of the customized 3D GUI from Toshiba, I think I will be sticking with my iPhone 3G.

And finally, here’s a video:

Source: Pocket-Lint, Engadget

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