FujiFilm FinePix F200EXR: Uses Super CCD EXR Sensor for Taking Pictures in Low-Light

FujiFilm FinePix F200EXR Specifications

Image Sensor: 12MP 1/1.6″ Super CCD EXR
Image Sensor Pixel Format: 4000 x 3000 (max) 
Display: 3″ TFT LCD
Lens: f/3.3-5.1, 28mm – 140mm 35mm-equivalent, CCD-Shift Image Stabilization
ISO: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800
Shutter Speed: 1/4 sec to 1/1500 sec (auto), 8 sec to 1/1500 (all other modes)
Pictures: JPEG (EXIF V.2.2), 5fps Burst Mode
Video: 640 x 480 AVI (Motion JPEG) with Sound
Audio: WAVE (Mono-aural)
Storage: About 48MB Internal, SD, SDHC, xD Picture Card 
Complete specifications at FujiFilm USA. 


FujiFilm USA, Wired: Back in 2002 when I had my first child, I was taking pictures with my Canon A85. It used 4x AA batteries and with rechargeable batteries lasted a good long while. Performance was very good but when there is sufficient light. When the sun goes down and I’m trying to take pictures indoors with dim lighting the A85 was not very good. That’s why, after many more compact cameras, I decided to invest in a Canon 20D and a fast 35mm f/1.4L lens. Most of the time I am able to shoot great pictures without the aid of flash with the 20D/35mm f/1.4L combo. Great investment but it was a hefty one: very heavy and a bit expensive. With the FinePix F200EXR you can shoot very decent pictures in low-light, without the heft and without the substantial investment: the F200EXR is $399.95 at Amazon.com and is available for pre-order.


FujiFilm’s FinePix F200EXR will most likely be welcomed by a lot of folks who want to take decent pictures regardless of where they are and when they take them. The F200EXR uses the company’s Super CCD EXR image sensor that is quite different than most other sensors in compact digital cameras.


Compared to typical CCD-based image sensors the Super CCD EXR image sensor has a unique sub-pixel arrangement that brings each color (Red, Green, Blue) next to one another. This, according to FujiFilm doubles the sensitivity as both sub-pixels can be treated as a single sub-pixel. There is also a “Dual Capture Technology” that pairs two sub-pixels with one set to high sensitivity and the other set to low sensitivity. What this does is improve the dynamic range of the images that are captured to prevent overblown highlights and to generally improve contrast. The overall result? Low-noise images even in low light settings.

FujiFilm posted up some sample images and they generally look pretty good, but there is some fuzzy grainy feel to them, especially Sample Image 3. Impress Watch took some photos as well but most of them were taken outside where most compact digital cameras will do quite well. The F200EXR is a bit expensive at $399.95 for a compact digital camera but a lot cheaper compared to what you’ll need to invest in to get much better pictures without using flash in low-light environments.

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