Amazon Kindle 2


Amazon introduced its evolutionary Kindle 2.0 e-book reader on February 9, 2009. Kindle 2 is much prettier and easier to use. The rounded buttons are cuter (I’m not sure if they are easier to use) and the page-flipping buttons are much easier to use. Gone is the accidental page-flipping on the older Kindle when all you wanted to do was pick it up. One of the most interesting new feature of the Kindle 2 is its ability to read text outloud.


Amazon’s Kindle 2 has an updated E Ink display with 16 shades of gray; the first Kindle had just 4 shades. So, naturally, text will look even better. Take a look at the picture that Gizmodo took and you can see text as well as images look quite a bit better and much closer to what you see in an actual book. The E Ink-technology-based display is the same size at 6″ that sports a 600 x 800 pixel format. Page-flipping is said to be a bit quicker than before. One very important feature that is missing from the Kindle 2 is touch capability. With touch you can underline, annotate, etc. which I think would be great for electronic textbooks. Kindle 3? Maybe. The price for the prettier Kindle 2 is the same as the older Kindle: $359 at

Source:, Gizmodo

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