Samsung Anycall SPH-W6050: 3″ 800 x 480 Touch Haptic Smartphone

Samsung Anycall SPH-W6050 Specifications

Display: 3″ TFT LCD with Touch and Haptic
Pixel Format: 800 x 480 (landscape) 
Number of Colors: 262K
Camera: 5MP CMOS with Autofocus, Antishake, Flash, etc.
Connectivity: CDMA, 3G, DMB
Storage: MicroSD, 306MB User Memory
Battery: 1000mAh, 200min voice communication, 120min video communication, 140 hours standby
Dimensions: 103.6 x 54.6 x 15.3mm
Weight: 120g
Availability: South Korea
Price: About US$700


Samsung’s SPH-W6050 is a high-end smartphone sporting a 3″ TFT LCD with touch and haptic feedback. The 3″ LCD features a 800 x 480 (landscape) pixel format and looks pretty nice. On the back is a huge lens coupled with a 5MP CMOS image sensor. The picture quality is very good but there is some shutter lag so you’ll need to hold steady. Yes, even with the anti-shake technology fast moving objects will probably be quite blurry. The DMB functionality is quite cool: you can watch pretty much wherever you are in Korea. The SPH-W6050 is a bit smaller than an iPhone 3G but is a bit thicker. At first I couldn’t figure out how to turn the SPH-W6050 on: there is a rubber “Hold” button the right side of the device. You have to press that button and then press it again to unlock. Notice also the front-facing camera: that’s for video communications and the SPH-W6050 will let you do that for 2 hours. Check the lightning review video after the jump.

Source: Samsung (Korean)

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