Vizio to Focus on LCD TVs

No more Vizio plasma TVs: Vizio will be focusing only on LCD TVs from here on. Vizio’s co-founder Laynie Newsome stated that the company will be not be making any more plasma TVs. After Vizio’s plasma TVs are sold through the channel there will be no more. Newsome mentioned a couple of reasons for the company’s exit out of plasma TVs. He mentioned that plasma TVs “don’t show as well in big box stores” and the company wants to “devote all of its available shelf space to the technology that moves off the shelves fastest.” I’m sure the focus on just LCD TVs will enable Vizio to be even more aggressive in terms of product design, feature enhancements and, at the same time, rock-bottom prices that will further solidify Vizio as the value brand.

Source: The New York Times via Engadget

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