LG Display e-IPS LCD Panel Update


This is a follow-up post to LG Display (LPL) 23″ e-IPS 1080p LCD Monitor Panel.

IPS is synonymous with excellence in LCDs. And it’s going to get much better. LG Display has developed what it calls e-IPS. e-IPS is a version of the company’s trademark IPS technology that brings the cost down. Way down. LG Display target market is toward the larger LCD monitor market that is currently dominated by TN (Twisted Nematic) technology. That would be 22″, 23″ and 24″ LCD monitors. LG Display has stated that its e-IPS LCD panels will be price competitive with TN LCD panels. I am very excited and look forward to 23″ e-IPS LCD based LCD monitors. So how did LG Display do it? The answer after the break.

IPS LCD panels require a bit more in terms of light source (CCFL lamps) to achieve a certain level of brightness. In other words, IPS LCD panels have a slightly lower aperture ratio. What LG Display did was improve the structure of the TFT (thin-film transistor) to enhance the aperture ratio. And that in turn means that in order to achieve the same brightness level you can do with less CCFL lamps. The backlight unit (BLU) is the most expensive part of a LCD so reducing the cost of the BLU is essential in bringing the manufacturing costs down–low enough to compete head-to-head with TN panels.

The ‘e’ in e-IPS might stand for ‘economy’ for the low price but I’m thinking that the words ‘enhanced’ or ‘eco’ are also accurate in describing the technology. Enhanced because the TFT structure was improved to let more light through. Eco because an e-IPS-based LCD monitor will be consuming much less power.

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