Samsung P3 Updated

Samsung P3 Specifications


Samsung has updated and extended the capabilities of its P3 portable multimedia player (PMP). The P3 has now the “ability to play native resolution 800 x 600 video” according to an Engadget post. I wonder what that’s all about since the P3 has a 3″ LCD with a pixel format of 480 x 272. Who encodes video in 800 x 600? I can understand 800 x 480 or for viewing on netbooks a pixel format of 1024 x 600. But 800 x 600? Weird. Not weird is the added memo program that lets you … draw your notes. Pretty nifty I would say. Performance has been improved by 30% according to Samsung. The P3 is a very thin and sexy PMP and with the added improvements should be able to compete with the best of them.

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