11.6″ Netbooks Coming Our Way

netbookNetbooks have started to blur the line and the line will get even more blurry by the end of this year. Before netbooks we had sub-notebook PCs that were generally between 10″ and 12″. Nobody mentions sub-notebooks anymore. Netbooks started small at just 7″ but the size has grown and now the most popular size is around 10″. According to an article on DigiTimes netbooks will get bigger soon, by about 2″: 11.6″ netbooks are on the way. Acer and Asustek are just two PC makers that are planning to launch 11.6″ netbooks later in 2009. The 11.6″ TFT LCD panel will sport a pixel format of 1366 x 768. That would be a 16:9 pixel format. But why? I have a hard time believing that these netbooks will be capable of playing flicker-free HD content. I hope I’m wrong. Ah, yes, there’s Hulu. The news item also pointed to LCD panel manufacturers getting ready to volume manufacture these LCD panels in Q3’09 on their G5 TFT LCD plants.

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