Tramontana R: High Tech LCD Instrument Panel


The Tramontana Group is an independent automaker located on the Costa Brava in Spain. The manufacturer of exclusive tailor-made unveiled its Tramontana R Edition open-wheel two-seater that gets people who are bored with regular supercars excited again. The Tramontana R is powered by two versions of the Mercedes 5.5-liter V12 engine: naturally aspirated good for 550hp or twin-turbocharged for an insane 760hp. The 760hp version pumps out 811 lb-ft of torque! The Tramontana Group mated this engine to a 2777 chassis and got blistering acceleration: 0-to-100mph takes just 3.6 seconds; 0-to-200mph in only 10.15 seconds according to Tramontana. This is ridiculously fast! Although I’m tempted to go on about the automotive side of this supercar, what caught my interest and subsequently led to this post is the Tramontana R’s instrument cluster: it is a LCD (I think) and a cool-looking one. Picture after the break.


If you look at the picture closely you can see the elliptical-shaped display. I am not sure if this is a projected display or a regular LCD but it looks pretty cool. Non-rectangular LCDs are nothing new but this would be a first automotive implementation as far as I know. Not only is the Tramontana R a automotive tour de force but it’s got a high-tech LCD instrument cluster to boot.

Source: Autoblog

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